Managing Mental Health in the Workplace for Managers

Developing knowledge and skills of managers in mental health is pivotal in fostering a mentally healthy workplace and establishing supportive relationships among team members. This training course aims to instil a consistent approach to mental health and well-being, thereby enhancing overall organisational performance.

The evidence-based course primarily targets people managers seeking to cultivate an open culture surrounding mental health in the workplace. Available in online or face-to-face formats, it equips managers with crucial skills to identify signs of poor mental health in employees, fostering confidence in initiating open dialogues on mental health issues within their teams. Recent research shows for every £1 spent on mental health, there is a return of over £5.

Attendees gain the ability to appropriately guide team members toward available support services and resources. Furthermore, the course emphasizes the importance of managers seeking support and guidance for themselves when needed. It encourages managers to model healthy self-care practices, inspiring their teams to prioritize and maintain their mental health and well-being.

Overall, this training equips managers with the tools to identify, address, and support mental health concerns within their teams, contributing significantly to creating a supportive and mentally healthy work environment that promotes optimal performance and well-being across the organisation.

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